BTC Vision

BTC Vision is television delivered over BTC's fiber network. With over 350 channels of digital programming and an impressive HD lineup, this service competes with any other provider out there and offers what others do not!

Jacksonville Networks
Enjoy watching your favorite network programs or tune in to the latest local news broadcasts on any of our Jacksonville networks. Also included are Public Broadcast stations from both Jacksonville and Waycross GA!

Pay Per View
Pay Per View Events available on channels 949 and 950. View your TV guide for upcoming events. Business rates available by calling 912-462-5111.

Combine "BTC Vision" with your home telephone and Internet services for big discounts and the convenience of a single bill! View pricing here or call 462-5111 for complete details.

No Rain Fade
Tired of watching your satellite television picture freeze or black out on a rainy day? Switch to BTC Vision and see the difference!

DVR Scheduler

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