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Computer Repair

We provide prompt, affordable, and unmatched quality computer repairs for PC and Mac computers. Laptops, notebooks, desktops, towers, all-in-ones, iMacs, you name it.

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With our faster service and years of experience, we think you will agree – there is no competition.

PC Diagnostics

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Let us evaluate your PC or laptop and determine the best way to resolve your issues. This diagnostics fee will be included in the cost of repair should you choose to let BTC fix the problem.

Advanced Upgrade

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Enhance your PC or laptop by installing a new graphics card, more memory, a bigger hard drive, or a new optical drive. Cost of equipment not included.

Tune Up

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You’ve noticed that your computer’s performance has been down, but don’t worry! We’ll find and fix the issues with your operating system, optimize your PC, and remove any viruses or spyware*.


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We can re-install your original operating system and give you a fresh start with a clean, virus-free machine.

Miscellaneous Service

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BTC also provides repair services that do not fall into the categories listed above.

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Important Information: The customer understands and agrees that prior to contacting or allowing BTCC to perform diagnostic repair or any other services on your computer, it is your responsibility to back up the data, software, information, or other files stored on your computer disks and/or drives. You acknowledge and agree that BTCC shall not be responsible under any circumstance for any loss or corruption of data and/or software or hardware or any other parts as well as CD’s/DVD’s/etc. You also acknowledge if a System Re-installation occurs, you will lose all files on your hard drive. You agree to pay fees in accordance with BTCC’s rates and policies.BTC Communications, Inc. will use its best effort to resolve customers’ technical problems in a professional, reasonable and timely manner, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the technical problems. Response times may be delayed due to research and inquiries as may be necessary. BTCC does not assure that every request for technical support will be resolved. BTCC’s consultations constitute only advice and suggestions. Technical problems may be a result of software or hardware failure, corruption, or user error and may not be correctable. BTCC reserves the right to refrain from providing any or all services ordered and refund your payment if reasonable, minus any labor, parts, or any other charges that may apply or occur, wholly or in part, if minimum system requirements are not met or if technical conditions or customer requirements are unusual, extensive, or beyond the scope of the service agreement or beyond the technician’s control as reasonably determined by BTCC. BTCC will never share anything that they may find or come across on a customer’s computer/hard drive unless it is illegal content or forced upon by law enforcement. BTCC will not be held responsible for any problems arising from third-party software installed on your computer by our technicians, you, or another third party. BTCC will not be held liable for lost data due to hardware failure, virus, spyware, corruption, or any other situation. If any problems with third-party software or hardware arise, it is your responsibility to obtain support from the damages, including without limitation any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, expenses, cost, profits, lost savings or installation, de-installation, use of, or inability to use your computer equipment, hardware, peripherals, or the network as a result of the services provided hereunder. BTCC shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance due to any cause. If BTCC’s ability to render services is impaired by your failure to cooperate or circumstances beyond the control of BTCC, BTCC may choose not to provide services.