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Mudslides force more than 100 to spend night on highway

San Francisco tenants get 6-figure buyout to leave luxe unit

Endangered orcas get new protection from US government

Suspect charged with shooting 2 in California movie theater

Man charged with beheading woman in Minneapolis suburb

Opening of I-40 bridge linking Arkansas, Tennessee moved up

Tornadoes spur injuries, damage in eastern Pennsylvania

Pilot recalls sudden, chaotic shipwreck off Georgia coast

EMT wounded by gunman in Arizona shooting rampage dies

St. Louis County reaches settlement in 1996 murder case

RFK's daughter wins yard planter from father's former home

DNA match used to ID remains of missing Wisconsin woman

Biden sees shortages to stop climate-change fueled wildfires

EXPLAINER: What happens after foreclosure moratorium ends

Cornell professor surprises colleague with kidney donation

Police arrest woman after finding 2 dead children inside car

US consumers boost spending 1% as inflation remains high

Florida river gets curves back in 22-year, $980m restoration

Worker pay rises strongly as businesses fight to fill jobs

Aid to unemployed NY substitute teachers clawed back

$400 million donation to fund Kalamazoo government projects

US consumers increased spending by a solid 1% in June

Wisconsin storms bring 3 tornados; 1 man dies in crash

Philippine leader retains pact allowing US war exercises

PG&E could face criminal charges over deadly California fire

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